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WordPress Development, Design, and SEO Company · Monument Marketing

This is How Most Web Development Companies Build Websites

  • 1. They Design

    They woo you with a creativity jam session to snatch the essence of your company so they can create beautifully branded mockups of your design. Good start.

  • 2. They Develop

    Then they’ll develop a robust flash-based web platform that search engines can’t find, let alone index, and they hand it over to you. That completes their contract.

  • 3. They Charge

    Now if you want to update your website with new content, photos, or limited-time offers, you have to pay them $150/hour to make those changes.

  • The Result?

    Your beautiful website quickly becomes a cost center rather than a lead generator. Not to mention, traffic stays steady at 13 visitors per day and 100% of those leave without taking action.

We Create Goal-Driven Websites that You can Manage Yourself to Build Your Business

  • 1. Purpose

    We start by helping you determine the primary purpose of your website so we can funnel your traffic into taking that action.

  • 2. Design

    Then we create gorgeously branded mockups of your site that are designed from a marketing perspective to get traffic to convert towards your primary purpose.

  • 3. Development

    Once you approve a design, we place it on top of the WordPress CMS platform which allows you to easily update your website without having to know how to code.

  • 4. Traffic

    Next we optimize your site for search engines and integrate Facebook, Twitter, etc. so your site gets targeted traffic and that traffic multiplies into more traffic.

  • 5. Conversion

    Everything on your site is designed to funnel and convert traffic into leads or sales through strategically emphasized links and calls-to-action.

  • The Result?

    You’ll have a gorgeous, functional, fast-loading website that you can update yourself so you don’t have to keep paying us to make changes. Plus, it’ll be designed from a marketing perspective through and through so your website will get traffic, convert leads, and make sales.

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